Needed Angels

If ever we needed angels,

We need angels now.

If we ever needed to love,

We need that love now.

For thy neighbour will need both,

In coming days and weeks.

The people that we love,

Will doubtless need to seek.

So as we close in upon ourselves,

Let’s open up our hearts.

And not forget that all in our world,

Are feeling the hits come hard.

If ever we needed angels,

We need angels now.

So be ready to help who you can,

In any which way or how.


I wish we were wrapped up,

Holding each other tight.

Fighting off the pain in our world,

Answering each other’s plight.

I wish the distance couldn’t stop us,

From showing how much love we hold.

Couldn’t insulate us from the warmth,

That we’d easily physically show.

I wish that were together now,

I wish for that a lot.

Supporting when the need is real,

To be each other’s rock.