Life’s Too Real

Life’s too real on many days,
On those I wish you’d come to stay.
Come to me, come to play,
When life’s too real together we’d escape.
Life’s too real when it really hurts,
But when your here the pain desserts.
When you come joy asserts,
I’m ten feet tall, your armoured sir.
Life’s too real when it’s kicking my arse,
And only you can make that pass.
Giving me the strength, the strength to last,
Protecting me, healing me, with spells you cast.
Life’s too real on days like this,
I wish it’d leave, just go, dismissed.
To be replaced by you in a seismic shift
To make life worth living, the gift you give.

You Can’t Hurt Me

You can’t hurt me.

I’ll not feel you’re pain.

I’m used to the knocks.

My soul’s been drained.

Look me in the eyes.

Up close, no thousand yard stare.

Feel my breath.

Sense the “I don’t fucking care!”

You can’t hurt me.

My wounds are my shield.

Slashed, cut deep.

But now I’m healed.

Look into my eyes.

See the strength.

Feel my power.

Know I won’t relent.


Escape with me from this world of pain.

Forget war, disease, political shame.

Enter our minds, reside in the dream.

Forget for a few minutes, wipe your thoughts clean.

Our brains have the capacity to take us away.

To transport us back to the times when we’ve played.

Happy times, full of smiles and much more.

Energised times, from which true joy was spawned.

Escape with me from this world of pain.

Forget war, disease, political shame.

Take a few breaths give yourself some respite.

Before entering recharged into this world’s bitter fight.

Both Of Me.

There are two sides to every story.

There are certainly two sides to me.

There’s the loving cuddly father figure.

There’s the the beast seeking depravity.

Sometimes I fight to keep me inside.

Sometimes I just set me free.

Sometimes I tire of this double life.

Sometimes I wish I weren’t me.

For having two sides is such hard work.

Having two sides where one’s perceived as a jerk.

Is tiring to the point that all energy’s gone.

Exhausting the rationale that I’m big, that I’m strong.

And sometimes I crumble.

Sometimes I cry.

Sometimes I wish the world away.

Sometimes I wish I’d die.

But like the world I keep turning around.

I keep the beast securely bound.

I have the strength to live the day.

Hoping that your love will keep me at bay.

And sometimes I think the beast is cool.

Sometimes we don’t need society’s rules.

Sometimes it’s good to let loose and be free.

Sometimes I love like you, both of me.