Both Of Me.

There are two sides to every story.

There are certainly two sides to me.

There’s the loving cuddly father figure.

There’s the the beast seeking depravity.

Sometimes I fight to keep me inside.

Sometimes I just set me free.

Sometimes I tire of this double life.

Sometimes I wish I weren’t me.

For having two sides is such hard work.

Having two sides where one’s perceived as a jerk.

Is tiring to the point that all energy’s gone.

Exhausting the rationale that I’m big, that I’m strong.

And sometimes I crumble.

Sometimes I cry.

Sometimes I wish the world away.

Sometimes I wish I’d die.

But like the world I keep turning around.

I keep the beast securely bound.

I have the strength to live the day.

Hoping that your love will keep me at bay.

And sometimes I think the beast is cool.

Sometimes we don’t need society’s rules.

Sometimes it’s good to let loose and be free.

Sometimes I love like you, both of me.


It’s been two years, 

Give or take a few days. 

Since I first saw you, 

Since we started to play. 

We’ve had the highest highs, 

We’ve had extreme lows.

Our very own bodies, 

Dealing out blows. 

But strength is our forte, 

Physically and in mind. 

Strength to get through, 

All obstacles we find.

Strength built with love, 

The component most pure.

The foundation of us, 

True and sure.

It’s been two years, 

Give or take a few days. 

And our love is stronger, 

In every way. 


I love you Beauty. I remember the day that you were told I’d fuck and forget.  I remember the conversation about two years and we’re done. I remember the question,  do you still want me?

Well, I’m here, you’re here and I’m deeper in love now than ever. 

I love you Beauty,  I always will, we are FOREVER 🖤🖤🖤