Under A Starlit Sky

Like a cat you stretch out before me,
My hands simply must touch.
The sight of your lithe beauty,
Is temptation’s trigger to lust.
Your catching quick intake of breath,
As my fingers stroke soft taut skin.
Signals all that I want to know,
That you’re ready for my kind of sin.
Taken over by natural powers,
We lose ourselves within each other.
Only two things exist in the world,
You and I under a starlit sky cover.
And there in nature’s playground,
We play as we were evolved to do.
And there bathed in soft moonlight.
We make love til the night calls adieu.


I’m so fucking horny,

I feel I’ll explode.

Is something wrong with me,

Have I got no soul.

I have a nagging need,

A want that overwhelms.

Will this burden I carry,

Drag me to hell.

I’ve consulted runes,

I’ve read the stars.

All say one thing,

You are what you are.

But that doesn’t help me,

That doesn’t fix the plight,

The fact I’m not with you now,

And won’t be tonight.

Watching The Oscars

Snuggled up, not a care.

Fingers stroking, softly through hair.

Watching the Oscars, looking at stars.

But the brightest of all, was in my arms.

Snuggled up, in our world.

A happy Daddy, with his Babygirl.

Watching the Oscars, where bombshells dress to impress.

But the most beautiful bombshell, was led head on my chest.