Daily Prompt: Noise

Life is full of noise,

The trick is drowning some out.

Amplifying the important,

Whilst muting what we can do without.

Life is full of noise,

Some are smooth and soothe our very souls.

Some are harsh that grate upon our nerves,

The trick, use the tone control.

Life is full of noise,

I’m learning to hear and adjust.

For I need my hearing to be crystal clear.

I need to listen for us.


I love you my Beauty, I’m yours and will always endeavour to listen.


via Daily Prompt: Noise

Sound Travels

Sound travels 

Resonates in our souls

It carries our tears

Transports our woes

Sound travels 

Far and wide

You can hear sobs

Audible cries

Sound travels

Brings consoling words

The love that’s needed

To heal our hurts

Sound travels

It reverberates for miles

It brings my message

That lifts your smile

I love you beauty, I hope you can hear 😙