Your Total Mystique

You are unique in so many ways

(You’ve set my desire ablaze!)

The profile of your face

(wettens my lace)

Those two special whorls

(I wanna wear your pearls)

Your thoughtful, beautiful poetry

(Cum see me, please hurry!)

Your mouth, shaped like a heart

(I did fall in love from the very start)

Your sexy af hands….!

(Gah! My libido stands!!!)

The way you swirl your hips…

(mmm…I love it when you lick my lips)

Your sexy, soft-spoken british accent

(Our bodies sealed together, sweaty-cement)

The way you love, completely

(Whisper to me Daddy…whisper sweetly…)

But mostly what makes you unique

Beyond your hot bod, and the way you speak

Is your total mystique

I love you Beast❤️

My ignition of mercy

Sticking to me
Crackling, popping
Exuding such powerful magnetism
Yet, it was clinging to nothing but static
But then…all at once
And out of nowhere…
My summer of love!
Culminating in our future mating
How lucky are we?!?
This creative expression
Like thumbs pressing
Leaving behind only their hollow-impression
Then nothing at all but a memory
Until you found me,
and I found you!
Your poems of love
Your poems of need
Your poems of sorrow
Your poems of sex
Oh my love!
I read you….right into me!
And you were
My ignition of mercy 
Setting me free
Opening me up
With every stroke….you fingered
Banishing all the hurt that lingered 
We were both swimming with the fishes 
Cleaning everybody else’s dirty dishes
Hoping for a better day
Hoping for a better way
And then there was YOU!!!!!!!
My Ziggy…zagging on stripes made of Stardust
The man who grabbed hold of the entirety of my lust
And held it out for me to see
Showing me how love really could be
I love you💕

Tall Walls of Bubblegum

A tunnel of love

A rainbow of used gum

And your hand was my warm glove

The coffee in the air

Rang in our ears

Caffeinating our awareness

And for a time

I felt like you really were mine

This is the most fun I have had in years

Oh…how I want you…

Our bodies in a scrum

Our hearts up for grabs

Each of us aching for possession

Both of us lost in a thrall

My love, you truly are my windfall