Set Tight

Let me slip under the covers,

Let me snuggle up to you.

Let’s get tighter than tight,

Like a set of silver spoons.

Let’s stay there forever,

Let us mould into one.

Let my cock sit in the groove,

Of your peachy lil bum.

Let’s forget about tomorrow,

Let’s live for the moment tonight.

Let’s take away the loneliness,

Just you and I set tight.

Watching The Oscars

Snuggled up, not a care.

Fingers stroking, softly through hair.

Watching the Oscars, looking at stars.

But the brightest of all, was in my arms.

Snuggled up, in our world.

A happy Daddy, with his Babygirl.

Watching the Oscars, where bombshells dress to impress.

But the most beautiful bombshell, was led head on my chest.