Your Smile

A smile that tells me everything that I need to know.

That you’re happy, and like your heart it glows.

The indication that I’m doing something right.

The signal I love to see shining bright.

Your smile, that beautiful toothy grin.

The first thing I saw that drew me in.

Beautiful, warming, like the sun’s rays at dawn.

A sight I love to see, a vision that reassures.

So smile my Beauty, show how happy you can be.

Share your happiness with the whole world and me.

Shine like the star that you clearly really are.

As it soothes my soul and warms my needing heart.



Reel me in

I often open my hoard of shots.

To look at you, cute or hot.

The smiles, the beauty, the smouldering look.

Yes I’m your fish, caught on your hook.

So reel me in place me in your keep net.

Cos you know I want, I need to be kept.

Please send me another beaming grin.

And we’ll tick off the days til you reel me in.