Call my name

When you want me, call my name.

I’ll come to give you all you claim. 

I’ll offer up all I have to give.

For it’s for you that I exist.

I’m your slave, heart and soul.

I’m yours to use for whatever goal.

I pledge my body, my filthy mind.

Are yours to use til the end of time.

When you want me, call my name.

And I will be there for you in every way.

This Hood Will Hide

This hood will hide the sweetest blue eyes.

For I can’t watch you as you cry.

But I’ll revel in glee at the cries I receive.

As the sadist in me takes what you feed.

This length of cane will dispense my pain.

Pinpoint application to drive you insane.

But I’ll remain calm as I cause you harm.

Outwardly emotionless yet inwardly charged.

Biting your flesh amidst slapped caress.

Ravaging brutally into a mess.

Sodden and sore your skin oh so raw.

You beg me master, please, please no more.

Graced with rope

Slender body,

Long lithe limbs.

Graced with rope,

Tied for sin.

Openly fettered,

No guard to protect.

As fingers probe,

Your lust wet.

Tongue and lips,

Tease mercilessly.

A whisper to a slave,

Cum for me.

And then my Beauty,

As you tense to release,

I stop, I laugh,

Your bastard Beast.

Slave of a Man

I’m led between you slender thighs.

My tongue caressing, teasing out sighs.

I’m led in my most favourite place.

Set free to play by Eros’ grace.

Encouraged by passion, by wanton lust.

Allowed to feast, given your trust.

Your unshaking belief that I’ll do for you.

All that you need as you cum hard and true.

With me in your power, under your command.

Licking to order, your very own slave of a man.