Timing The Moment

Out of the blue

Into the black

My skin peels

That IS the way it feels

Promises are vows

Splintering, snapping, cracking in half

How much longer can I lie here…

With my hands tied behind my back?

The pills keep getting bigger and bigger to swallow

Me, myself, and I are the only ones left to wallow…

Tonight, I will try it again…

Timing the moment

I’ll come face to face with my God

I’ve so much to be forgiven for

Down here on my knees

Down here on my floor


Today is a day of atonement

But not for me

Sins course through my body

And find no escape

I am a chunk of salt

Stuck on the rim

Of my glass house

Getting plenty of licks

Yet, I never get off

My heart catches my breath

Holding it long and deep

Inside its airless chambers

Before turning it to tears

That dry…

Into even more salty chunks

I live a life of deceit

By anyone’s Measure

And it is a heavy weight

If only I


throw myself


I can’t

via Daily Prompt: Measure