The Z in Beast

Z rears his ugly head,

He wants nothing but you on his bed.

He’s sacrilegious, a deviant pervert,

So please beware, please be alert.

He wants to push things into you.

He wants an object to do what he’ll do.

He wants pleasure, just for himself.

If you get it too, that’s luck you’ve been dealt.

For deep inside he’s nothing but lust.

Like an elephant in season, the season of must.

He wants his fix, his sweet lil miss.

He wants to corrupt, to use you as his.

He’s selfish, he may even be evil?

He’ll stop at nothing, in pleasure’s retrieval.

Folding you, binding you, whipping your arse.

Dressing you up into roles that he’ll cast.

So understand what vile creature’s within.

The beast with his tools, delivering sin.

The corruptor wanting what he sees.

The Beast wanting his girl serving his needs.

Words Of Pure Sin

I want you to read my words,

I want them to get you wet.

I want you to imagine me,

Giving what the type sets.

I want you to dance, to revel,

To delve within heart and flesh.

To drag out deep seated lusts,

That I know your head contests.

I want you to show me,

To show my labours bore fruit.

I want to see you in sinful flight,

I do not want to see you cute.

I want your fingers working,

Hand thrusting false phallus in.

I want you crying my name as you cum,

Inspired by my words of pure sin.



Let’s be honest,

Let’s tell the truth,

You love to be fucked,

As much as I love fucking you.

Let’s be candid,

Let’s lay it all down,

You want to cum hard,

As much as I want you cum drowned.

Let’s not hold out,

Let’s not keep anything in,

Let’s unleash the pent up passion,

Let’s not lie about our need for sin.

You’re Real

You’re real,

Not a fantasy.

Not a creation of mind,


You’re real,

We talk for days.

We tease each other,

With words we play.

You’re real,

I’ve touched your skin.

Camped in hotels,

For days of sin.

You’re real,

You cum with me.

You get sore as hell,

As we fuck endlessly.

You’re real,

You hold me tight.

We snuggle,

Cuddle each night.

You’re real,

You tell me the truth.

You love me,

Like I love you.

You’re real.