Sexual Greed

Yeah I’ll keep you coming back,

You’ll come again and again.

I have all you want,

To keep that stain maintained.

Once you took a taste,

You were hooked on what I gave.

Some things only I can give,

Neglect I’ll keep at bay.

For I give what you want,

I am the pleasure you perceive.

I am your future yearning.

Stick with me and thou’s sure to receive.

I will definitely deliver.

Satiate your sexual greed.

Your mind can always rest easy.

Assured I’ll feed your dependency.

Watching you

I like to watch you, I like to sit and see you play for me.

The way you open your legs and gently slide your fingers up your thighs.

The way you tease and open the petals of your sweet little vagina.

I like to see inside your soul as your stroke your sensitive swollen clit, eye on eye.

Nothing gets me off more than knowing that when you close those beautiful blue eyes, you envisage me.

That when you get off, you get off over me.

That gets me hard, that pushes my hand into my shorts and drives me to pull out and stroke.

That thought, that sight, that is what forces the cum up and out of my throbbing cock onto my belly.

You, you and what you do.

I don’t like, I love, I love to watch you.