Saturday Mornings

Saturday mornings are for sleepy sex.

Waking up snuggled together in bed.

Drowsely feeling each other’s heat.

No desire to venture from beneath our sheets.

Fingers stroking soft moist spots.

Hand wrapped around awakening cock.

Spooned in behind close as can be.

Guiding inside to take today’s virginity.

Slowly discarding slumber’s haze.

Waking our bodies and souls this way.

The best feeling we’ll ever know.

Taking our time, we’ve nowhere else to go.

Love surrounding us snug in our bed.

Whispering words that only we can share.

As feelings of lust rush to overwhelm.

Seed pours forth from enveloped helm.

Filling you with a hot slick flow.

Drawing an Orgasm long and slow.

Saturday mornings are for sleepy sex.

Waking up snuggled together in bed.

To share each other in the most intimate way.

Oh how I long for our next Saturday.



All It Takes

All it takes is a little patience,

A little patience and lots lube.

That’s how I ease my big fat cock,

Deep inside of you.

All it takes is a little care,

A little care as we begin.

Easing slowly on our way,

To bliss with the ultimate sin.

All it takes is a little time,

A little time to hit our groove.

And once we get our rhythm set,

That’s when we start to move.

All it takes is a little love,

A little love to achieve this much.

To feel our way to the pinnacle,

To the top as I fuck your butt.


There’s good sex, there’s great sex,

Then there’s you and me.

Our sex on another level,

Open, exciting and free.

Not bound by fear of failure,

Not scared to give a try.

Adventurous might come somewhere close,

Stupendous! That’s more like.

Hour upon hour of sensual joy,

Time taken to reassure.

Each giving in our own special way,

Each wanting to give more and more.

There’s good sex, There’s great sex,

And I can tell you hand on heart,

That those types of sex my girl,

For us they’re only the start.