The Z in Beast

Z rears his ugly head,

He wants nothing but you on his bed.

He’s sacrilegious, a deviant pervert,

So please beware, please be alert.

He wants to push things into you.

He wants an object to do what he’ll do.

He wants pleasure, just for himself.

If you get it too, that’s luck you’ve been dealt.

For deep inside he’s nothing but lust.

Like an elephant in season, the season of must.

He wants his fix, his sweet lil miss.

He wants to corrupt, to use you as his.

He’s selfish, he may even be evil?

He’ll stop at nothing, in pleasure’s retrieval.

Folding you, binding you, whipping your arse.

Dressing you up into roles that he’ll cast.

So understand what vile creature’s within.

The beast with his tools, delivering sin.

The corruptor wanting what he sees.

The Beast wanting his girl serving his needs.

Make Me Smile

Part your legs,

Part your lips,

Show me your goods,

Tilt those hips.

Invite me down,

Ask to be licked,

Beg to cum,

Give your clit.

Be selfish,

Want what you need,

Take what I give,

With wanton greed.


Cum buck wild,

Cum shuddering on my mouth,

Cum, make me smile.