When beauty belies what lies inside

When beauty belies what lies inside.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing, with varacious eyes.

A predator hungry for more than gentile.

An instinct for procreation, for fucking as she kneels.

A need to feel the pain of being used for days.

A want to be pummelled to be hurt, again and again.

That’s what you’re prey shall give with a sinister grin.

Weaved into your web to ravage, through the first carnal sin.

When beauty belies what lies inside.

I saw, I saw what you needed, I saw it in those beautiful blue eyes.

Subtle Seduction

Subtle seduction

With just a smile

And a look in the eye

That says you’re mine

Subtle seduction

With very few words

But an ache in your cunt

Proves they were heard

Subtle seduction

Now gives way

To hours of pleasure

Days of play

Subtle seduction

For you sweet miss

Mine sealed and signed

Confirmed with a kiss