Killing The Time

It was a tiny bite, made with the tiniest teeth

My lips sealed on yours, but still…we made a mess

Dripping, dripping, dripping…

Until we wore each other

Our lust, our love, our secrets

The night was our last supper

And my hands were in your pockets

Digging for your confessions

And yours were squeezing my bones

Breaking all my laws

We were both killing the time

Because it went too fast

Because we couldn’t make it stop

Just a little diddle

The useless method of my valor

My body was bow-ing…

As I was looking out the window at bow-ing

Trying to get off, in time with those take-offs

A hangar there, a hangar here

Coming out of your closet…

That folded shirt

An un-wrinkle in time

That shows your checkered past

That story about how you are built-to-last

Only you can go the distance

Only you can finish this race


My panties are there to be used

To cushion the flow, and capture your blow

My body is your body

Damn right I’m naughty

Speaking in my riddle

And all the while…

I’m still craving just a little…


Snowy Sec(g)rets

Fluffy white staring at us

Then back down

The chill has moved

It covers me now

Watching you

Watch the waves

I close my eyes

And I am a child again

A tourist in my hometown

An inkling pulls my hair to the east

Its whisper of promises

To be shared, to be kept

Pressed against you now

Stepping inside

I am finally free

And the egret

So elegant, so refined

Observing us two

Keeps our secret

via Daily Prompt: Inkling

I’m Not Different

My sex-drive…

Was in over-drive

Which is how I liked it

I know what I needed…

And I went after it

Unless it came after me first

Oooh those urges…


I probably shouldn’t have…


I broke the lock

And read every page:









My heart sank

All the way down

I could feel it under my big-toe

It was weighted with so much…woe

And was shifting me…down…down…down

Slowing my pace

I wasn’t so different

And that realization set me free

Cleave Unto Myself

I’m wasting away

Into small puffs of nothing

If that’s what you want

I’m numb, yet warm

Always looking for more

So I wait until you leave

Then undress and start to pray…

My secret-lover’s hymnal sticks to me like static-cling

And his deliverance stares at me like a taunt

My needs have become bees that swarm

Buzzing and biting deep in my core

Until suddenly…me, myself, and I…cleave

My Lips Are Sealed

The seal of your confessor

Grips you tight

She wants to separate you from your dirty skeleton

Revealing what you don’t want anyone else to see

You’ve such a thick tongue depressor…

She’s sucking you with all her might

Releasing and eating all your creamy secret gelatin

And with it giving you an opportunity to finally be free

Will you take it?