Yours To Own

Temptation etched into your skin,

The path we strayed for our piece of sin.

Hour after hour of wanton lust,

Not because we choose, but because we must.

You’re under my skin, I’m deep into yours.

Me your fantasy, your very own whore.

Take me, ride me, your dildo that bleeds.

Wring my cock dry for that bloom of seed.

And all I’ll ask, promise me one thing alone,

That you are mine, if I’m yours to own.

Daily Prompt: Faceless (Cannot Impart)

I wish our pain didn’t have a name,

I wish it were faceless, impotent, inane.

But it isn’t, it’s real, and it lives within reach.

It’s all the riddles that our life lessons teach.

I wish our happiness was able to touch.

I wish that we weren’t just words, quite so much.

But we are just now, we’re to be kept apart.

By faces we know, that we cannot impart.

via Daily Prompt: Faceless