Can You Relate

Can you Relate

To how I feel?

I’m holding my breath

Trying to stop my heart

Is that what makes me different…

From the others?

I’m capturing my tears

Before they fall

Absolution will be mine

I’m sure of it!

My finger is a corkscrew

It’s gonna release my fun

Did you know…

Petting your kitty

Lowers your blood pressure?

It does!

The pressure pools down low

Then escapes…

Can you Relate

To how I feel?

I think I’ve been a fool

Or maybe I’ve just been foolish

Reality can be so ghoulish

When my mind starts swimming

Into the deep end of the pool

via Daily Prompt: Relate

If You Decided To Go

 If you decided to go.

I just realised I’m alone.

I have nothing.

Not even the pleasure of fucking.

My heart would be hollow.

Echoes of sorrow.

My life meaningless beyond existence.

Death could take it without too much resistance.

If you decided to go.

I’d die from heartbreak I know.



Fantasies slide past my realities

Laughing as they get tickled in my throat

All those things I am too afraid to say

Keep getting swallowed away


I stick a finger in my mouth

Depressed it prays for a purge

As it unties my tongues trench coat

Exposing its twisted lies, the truth feels so…remote


My imaginary bags are packed

To you…I am ready to move

A fated Passenger enroute

To you…my ultimate pursuit


If only it were that easy

I could follow my heart…to you

I want a do-over! I want to make things right!

I want to be able to give absolutely everything…to you

via Daily Prompt: Passenger