It’s Amazing

It’s amazing the lift a kiss can give,
How it can cure all our woes.
How the love passes from me to you,
Then back, to and fro.
Its amazing how just that little thing,
Can sustain through thick and thin.
How the love that we both hold,
Blossoms stead of withering.
Its amazing how much I miss that kiss,
How badly I need it right now.
How I yearn it’s restorative charm,
To rekindle my flame somehow.


I feel stretched, spread so thin.

I need to feel you, hold you again.

My heart aches, I need you!

My body pines, calls for what you do.

It’s so fucking hard, no not my cock.

The times apart, no matter how long.

I’ll keep my chin up, look forwards again.

I’ll remember our times to allay the pain.

I feel stretched, but I’ll never break.

For the time will come when we partake.

We’ll love as one, we’ll love harder than before.

And I’ll be complete, my heart restored.