You kneel reverently to worship your God,

Undoing my fly you reveal my hardening cock.

There in your hand, grows my body and my blood.

And now you offer penance licking to a suck.

Over and over and over, you bow your fervent head.

Til I fill your mouth with the miracle, coming again as I said.

You pull back and gaze in awe at the symbol of our religion.

And praise the glory that you behold before the phallus gets ridden.

Worship too

I kneel to admire as you open your knees,

I give my tongue, your servant til death.

I worship you my Goddess on earth,

I breathe you with every breath.

Praise is yours with each lick over clit,

Thanks as I suck hard from my soul.

I give you my heart, eternally,

As I pleasure with all, my whole.

Please my love, please cum for me,

Bestow your blessings sure.

Give me the feelings, feelings of worth,

Take my prayers forever more.


Fall to your knees, worship me,

Take my mortal manhood into devoting mouth.

Show me what your religion is,

How you practice avidly, just how fervently devout.

Look into my eyes and see your Lord,

See how benevolent and giving he can be.

Work for his offering, swallow it down,

Feel it bringing you inner peace.

For on this day, I bring you love,

And that’s all I’ll ever preach.

Our religion, each ourselves,

Heaven within our grasp, our reach.