Trying Not To Hide

I’d sit and watch,

As you chat and smile.

I’d listen mostly,

Think to interrupt once in a while.

But I couldn’t I’d stay silent,

Enchanted by you.

Your personality,

Shining through.

Your beauty stalling me,

I’d try oh so hard.

But I know I’d fail,

End up watching you depart.

And there’s the regret,

I’d hold for all life.

Too shy to speak up,

Try as I might.

So I’m glad I didn’t see you,

In a cafe or bar.

For there I could only,

Admire from afar.

I’m glad that I met you,

Here in this web.

Where my confidence oozes,

With no sign of dread.

I’m glad that you saw me,

What I hold inside.

For without your love found,

I’d be alone, trying not to hide.



I don’t want tender tonight

Hold me down

Fuck me hard

Fuck me raw

I don’t want Tender, make it hurt

I need to feel pain tonight

I need to lose myself in you and drown

So…please leave me scarred

Fuck my jealous, snarky kitty til she’s declawed

Until you get off and your perfect dick spurts

Until you don’t want to anymore, and I give up the fight


Hard fucking may break my bones

May swell my cunt

May bruise my back

May tear my ass

But nothing will ever hurt me worse

Than your words of disappointment

via Daily Prompt: Tender