Come Into My Care

Where did you go?

Don’t hide from me.

Show yourself!

Let me set you free.

Offer yourself.

Come into my care.

I’m not really a beast,

This isn’t my lair.

Words I say,

From under my veil.

Reassurances required,

As one assails.

As trust is gained,

Fear diminishes.

Can you guess,

How this sinister game finishes?


Beast Stalking Beauty

Prowling in the night,

The Beast stalks his prey.

Creeping ever closer,

To having his wicked way.

Circling his quarry,

Watching for the signs.

That now is the time to act,

To take this Beauty by surprise.

She didn’t know what hit her,

He ravages her where she stands.

Taking all that he can take,

Whilst meeting her own demands.

For this scenario seems so sinister,

An exchange one sided, maybe?

But the victim planned her own downfall,

When with her blessing she set her Beast free.

In Life’s Game

Like a spider stalking her prey,

Each movement carefully thought out.

Eyes on her prize led on the bed,

She’ll feed she has no doubt.

Slowly climbing over him,

Limbs lengthened in dim light.

Lips brushing down his chest,

Excitement overload he fights.

His phallus swollen, risen for her,

As she squats to tease with wet warm lips.

Rubbing her essence o’er his cock,

With deft motion of her hips.

Her want as needy as his it’s true,

Her desire just as high.

But she has control of this morsel now,

As onto his sex she slides.

A gasp in union,

Both release held pent up breaths.

Predator and prey as one,

In life’s game, not death’s.