Give Me Your Soul

Let me in,
Let me crawl into your skin.
Let me enter,
Let me take what you hold within.
Let me covet,
Let me take hold.
Let me own you,
Give me your soul.
Let me in,
Let me spread like wildfire.
Let me conjure,
Let me cast the spell desire.
Let me keep all,
Let me dig for your gold.
Let me claim you,
Give me your soul.

I Lust You

I lust you

So deeply and depraved

Sex and all its possibilities

Are what my sinful soul craves

The paraphernalia

Of a filthy godless fuck

The feeling of your orgasm

As your body tied writhes and bucks

I lust you

Cumming in all your holes

Filling you with my burning flesh

Without me you’ll feel so cold

You’ll crave my insidious return

As I desperate need you too

And on our unholy reunion

I’ll fuck my way back deep into you

Frame by frame

You’re bent over, behind you I kneel. 

Pushing buttocks open, my tongue doth deal.

Soft, languid, lazy licks.

Taking in moisture o’er soft pink lips.

Arousal fills my nasal domain.

Filling my heart, with a need untamed.

For you’ve taken me to that place I adore.

In which I take all you have, and give back so much more.

You sigh as my mouth banishes pain.

You forget all in our eternal moment of play.

But fear not, I play not, we are no trivial game.

We are eroticism in motion, frame by orgasmic frame.