I Long

I long for what we do,

I long for your touch, for you!

I long for the kiss and what comes next.

I long for our unbridled freedom in sex.

I long to see where passion guides our souls,

I long for the feeling as lust takes us whole.

I long to lose myself, with you in sin,

I long for all the above listed herein.

I long for us, our forever to be.

I long for you, here with me.

In Data We Exist

If our lives aren’t real,

If it’s all just a silly game.

What sick fucking bastard,

Programmed the dying day.

Why would decay be fun?

How we rot whilst still alive.

How we see each other wither,

In front of our eyes.

If our lives are just an entity’s muse,

Only in data we exist.

I’m gonna go viral,

Cos we’re dying and I’m pissed!

We Are All

We are all one colour,

We are all one creed.

Whether here,

Or there overseas.

To the stars we’re the same,

As we are to disease.

Only your eyes see a difference,

Only your minds decree.

If we don’t banish futile tribalism,

If we can’t come together as one.

We as a species on earth,

Will soon be over, done.

And with us all other life,

Will be burnt from this rock.

It’s there for all to see,

It shouldn’t come as a shock.

We are all one colour,

We are all one creed.

And only together as one,

Can we save humanity.