Sun God and Goddess

The sun captures beauty

Holds her in his warm arms

The inspiration for another day

I love it when I’m in your arms

Our pulsing blood flowing below

I feel your hardness, and you-my softness

I miss being in your arms

Our eyes to eyes contact

Our magical connection, without your cock

Our hands entwined

Signing a secret language

Only our fingers will ever know

And we fit all the love we could

Inside of each other

Packing for the trip of a lifetime

And poetry seeps from our pores

I lick words from your skin

And you lick them from mine

And we hear rainbow music

No one else can

Like we’re stray dogs

Beckoned by metal gods

🌈We are: difficult to cure

Bent out of shape

Down to earth, but rising

Both of us staring…

Straight between the eyes

Both of us singing:

Long live rock n roll

Both of us embracing the:

Stranger in us all🌈

At the end of the day, the sun releases beauty

Her sexual heat, singled out from her totality

You once called her a Goddess, she always and only bestowed her sexual heat lovingly on you, to make you feel like a God.