Bring me my slapstick

We’ll see how humorous it can be

As it brings squeals of delight

From both you and me

As each and every strike

Brings a smile and a laugh

As each and every strike

Leaves a mark upon your arse

Bring me my slapstick

Let’s cry tears of corporal bliss

As I warm your reddening rump

My chuckling little miss

Daily Prompt: Notorious

Notoriety calls me

It calls you too

To do the things

We want to do

To push our limits

To stretch our horizons

To show the world

All we’ve been hiding

Would we be

Notorious you and me

If we lived and loved

As we want to be

If we cast off the shackles

If we put ourselves first

If we breathed the freedom

That we both deserve

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Need me to call

I have you in the palm of my hand.

My words guide you to pleasure.

Whispered suggestions hot as a brand.

Burning your most sacred treasure.

I hear your sighs, I hear your moans.

I know my words are hitting home.

I know it’s almost time, I can tell it is.

I know your on the edge of the precipice.

And just one phrase, will make you fall.

“Cum for me baby.” You need me to call.

via Daily Prompt: Precipice


Sexual gratification is our narrative…

The width of your band

Marches in my mind

Encouraging my aesthetic

Awakening my sense of possibility

Hedonism is our Collaboration

My tongue tied at your hand

As I enjoyed this newfangled grind

I found you, and your circling hips…kinetic

You did, in fact, fuck…with amazing…agility

Love is our outcome…

It’s like we were planned

Destined to be entwined

To be each other’s anesthetic

One another’s tranquility

My sexy beast….I adore you.

Yes!…you are the best sex I have ever had. Ever. Thank you!!!

via Daily Prompt: Collaboration