The courage to look

Courage to look…

And the power I find
When I look into your eyes
The magic they contain💫
To a paradise I’ve never known🌈
I’m so high on you
I swear
I’m never coming down
I’m taking off my weights!
I don’t need them…
I don’t even need clothes!
I’m staying up here with you
There are a million reasons why…
We can’t 
But there are a billion more why…
We can
I love you❤️

Daily Prompt: Creature (Creature Feature)

Roll up! Roll up!

For today’s creature feature…

Come see the Beast.

And feel what he’d teach ya.

Enjoy the pleasure!

Endure the pain…

Marvel at his feats!

Let him blow out your brains.

Roll up! Roll up!

He’s not here for just one day.

For you my Beauty he’s forever.

So, come inside to play….

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Stifling Our Need

Sliding back and forth

Through life…

Through love

I’ll make you gently weep

While we listen to the guitar

Music from the dresser

Two naughty evils, but never the lesser

My sweetness eases

Friction for our releases

I’ve such a warm snatch to Stifle

The hard ridge of your….rifle

Galloping a grind

Frees the mind

Of all but one thought

For our bodies have needs

And so we’ll do these dirty deeds

Over and again

Again and over

Until our pleasures become our pains…

Until…we can no longer

Until…nothing remains

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Hitch a ride

Hitch a ride with me my sweet girl.

I’ll show you there’s more to this world.

There are things I’ll do that’ll curl your toes.

There are things I’ll do to which you’ll  beg no!

But above all I’ll show you the truth.

I’ll show you pleasure as an angel or brute.

And then if you wish I’ll offer you leave.

But you’ll never forget me as long as you breathe.


Just for clarity….

Beauty my sweet girl, I’ll never offer you leave 😉

Torn Apart

Kneeling, raising my heel
In you I saw an achilles
That love had ripped, Torn

You asked for my all

All that I could give 
Which you did willingly
You helped me mend psychologically
And I returned the gesture physically
And healed your heart eternally 
Pain Torn from our flesh
Secret words, hidden meanings
That only we could translate
That only we could amputate
You cut out my heart
Gave me yours in place
Keeping mine to heal
In your beautifully formed good grace 
The sweat of our endeavor 
The rusted old chains it was time to sever
To one another, we are weakness
Vulnerable and exposed
To one another
We’re pleasure, pain
But healing together 
We’re whole again 
Written by Beauty and her hot-as-hell Beast 

via Daily Prompt: Torn