Kissing Better

Come with me,
Let’s play a game.
Take off your clothes,
I’ll do the same.
Pick a fault,
Pick all you see!
Then kiss them better,
Kiss to heal me.
I’ll do the same,
I’ll kiss yours too.
I’ll kiss your faults,
Although they are few.
And once we’re done,
We’ll see what we see.
The perfect boy for you,
The perfect girl for me.


I’ve drawn you,

Each stroke I thought “I’m lucky this is mine”.

Tracing your form,

Stopping to stare at your perfect lines.

My art a mere copy of what this world gave in you.

My work never giving justice no matter how I do.

I’ve drawn you,

I think to have you here in my hands.

Tracing your perfect form,

Wishing life into my creation as each stroke expands.


Nothing turns me on like the spark in your eyes.

The glint of shining mischief that come with your smile.

Nothing stirs my soul like the the aura you eminate.

The feeling you impart, that your soul creates.

Nothing compares to you, nothing could ever be improved.

You have no idea how your perfection has me truly moved.

Nothing created, or yet to come into being.

Will compare to what I see, compare to how I’m feeling.