Daily Prompt: Radiant (Wait Patiently)

The spring is here, 

And I’ll travel soon.

I’ll travel there,

To be with you.

To see your sweet smile,

Your radiant eyes.

To kiss your soft lips, 

And ask myself why?

Why aren’t we together?

Together as one,

What wrongs have we committed?

What have we done?

But then I remember,

Patience dear boy.

Patience the virtue,

We must employ.

So I’ll travel to you,

For a glimpse of what could be.

We’ll enjoy our spring meeting,

And then wait patiently.

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Daily Prompt: Patience

Patience, the virtue which I most often request.

But somehow seem to fail myself.

Advising that good comes to those who wait.

Whilst in my heart that time so grates.

Why must we wait? I here you say.

Then after explaining I too wonder for days.

Why oh why? I ponder on.

Until my need subsides, although never gone.

Patience, a virtue we both must exercise.

Even though we both always ask why?

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