I let the saliva run from my mouth,

A long string that flows down o’er your clit.

I rub the head of my cock over and in,

Lubricating it.

I slip into your pussy’s warmth,

Easily, as we’re so wet.

Oh how good each inch feels,

Hotter the deeper it gets.

Slowly we consummate our union,

Feeling the love in our sex.

Slowly we build the passion,

Readying for what comes next.

Steadily our natural rhythm,

Finds pleasure as we glide.

Steadily our breathes quicken,

Thrusting wrapped in your thighs.

Suddenly as the feeling within.

Let’s lust pour into your core.

You too let out a cry of the purest joy,

Shuddering from faith restored.

You let the saliva run from your mouth,

A long string that flows down o’er my cock.

And then as it merges with our sex,

You lick up and swallow the lot.




Barred from heaven it so seems.

For licking her pussy til she comes and screams.

Turned away at the gates of pearl.

For taking all pleasure in this my world.

Damned to hell for things I’ve done.

Like fucking my Beauty’ s tight lubed up bum.

Set to spend eternity in flames.

For tying her, flogging her, and other perverted games.

When I get hold of you

When I get hold of you.

Your flesh squeezed in my hands.

My fingers wrapped around your throat.

Roughly handled by your man.

When I get hold of you.

Push my cock deep into your core.

I’ll listen to your cries your pleas.

Of more daddy, more!

When I get hold of you.

Force feed you a belly full of cum.

Then and only then my girl.

You will know I’m truly the one.

When I get hold of you.

And soothe your wants and needs.

We’ll snuggle like the world is gone.

No one left but you and me.



Let me alleviate your stress right now.

Let me show you the way and how.

All of your worries could suddenly cease.

Like the lifting of guilt as you confess to a priest.

All you need to do is promise to try.

And let me kneel between your thighs.

Where I shall lazily lap away.

Eating pussy, licking the strain. 

Clean from your mind as you let go.

Trust me my love, it will, I know.

Trust me and my linguistic skills.

To pull you from pain with these simple thrills.