Sometimes set backs aren’t what they seem.

Sometimes they are the opportunities that lead to our dreams.

Sometimes things aren’t presented as we’d like.

Sometimes we need to work out what we need to thrive.

Sometimes uncertainty clouds our minds and ideas.

But know this my love, you have nothing to fear.

My Beauty, we’re being tested again and we’ll make the best of it and thrive.

I love you, always will, forever!



Daily Prompt: Blink (If You Blink)

If you blink, you’ll miss it.

If you think, it’ll be gone.

React! if you want it.

Just fucking act upon!

If you blink, you’ll regret it.

Don’t be too slow to take what’s yours.

For opportunities don’t often come.

Knocking twice upon your door.


I’m glad I acted as soon as I saw you my Beauty… I reacted and won the love of my life.


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