There are things,

Unspeakable things.

Things that I want from you.

There are things,

Perverted things.

Things that I want to do.

There are things,

Wicked things.

Things that my blackened soul craves.

There are things,

Lustful things.

Things only given by those that are brave.

So pluck up your courage,

Call upon stored resolve.

And give me those things,

And the pleasures that they hold.

Obey You

I will obey
Every urge I feel
Towards you, I do bend
Off the horizon
Deeper behind
That’s where my need resides
It’s you that flows now
Not blood, sweat, or tears
It’s you circulating within
It’s you that seeps, creeps
You’re all I see, feel, and believe
Deeper behind
Off the horizon
Beyond the frame of our flesh
Behind the mirror of our love
I’ve become your beauty
And you have become my beast
Deeper than deep
To the edge, again
To the edge, always
Pleasure our horizon

Frozen With You

Your safe hands
Pulling my pin, exploding my sin
Gliding along, nothing is wrong
Your fingertips…tip and finger
So slowly they linger
Memorizing the figure of my speech
Of my body, of my…beseech
The way she twirls, curls
And oh my! Those swirls…
Past becomes present, tensing
As if the world could really stop
Frozen in time, frozen with you