You Really Are

You really are such a good lil slut,

Dropping all to come and get fucked.
You really are such a delightful lil whore.
Pulling open your arse begging more Daddy more.
You really are such an adorable lil bitch.
Constantly needy with that permanent itch.
You really are such a wonderful lil miss.
Getting all your holes stuffed full with cock and jizz.


Pause for thought my naughty girl.

Do you really want my belt uncurled?

Do you want your knickers around your knees?

To be over my lap making ineffective pleas.

Consider your actions my petulant child.

How the leather leaves soft buttocks defiled.

Whether you like the burn that lasts for days.

No matter the remedy the ache that stays.

Think deeply as to what end you seek.

Whether you’re extravagance should really shrink to meek.

For you well know what punishment awaits.

For a naughty girl who Daddy baits.


My Land Of Freedom

Your stars and stripes drew me in.

To come to America the land of sin.

Cities paved with opportunities gold.

Doors open to swallow all whole.

But I’m not interested in the banner up high.

I’m after the one atop of your thighs.

The starred and striped panties hugging arse tight.

Oh say can you see what I see tonight!