My Land Of Freedom

Your stars and stripes drew me in.

To come to America the land of sin.

Cities paved with opportunities gold.

Doors open to swallow all whole.

But I’m not interested in the banner up high.

I’m after the one atop of your thighs.

The starred and striped panties hugging arse tight.

Oh say can you see what I see tonight!

Away from prying eyes

In a place isolated,

We’ll go to play.

We’ll take ropes,

And food for days.

Water to sustain,

Our time in the wilds.

Cos we’ll be far out,

Gone for miles.

There we can be,

All we need you see.

There we can scream,

And be you and me.

No one will hear,

Our pleas for more.

None will disturb,

Our perverted chores.

I want to get wild,

And run with you.

I want to fuck,

Like the beasts do.

I want a fight,

To take you down.

I want to win,

The cunt I’ll pound.

I’ll tie you,

Over a fallen tree.

I’ll pull out my belt,

Through loops of jeans.

And there away,

From prying eyes.

I’ll go to town,

On soft arse and thighs.

You’ll glow red,

Like embers burn.

You’ll feel the heat,

Of lessons learnt.

But as I release you,

You’ll hold me tight.

For I’ll protect you,

From the dark in the night.

I’ll bathe you in love,

I’ll wipe fear from your eyes ,

And there in peace,

We’ll watch the sun rise.

Unreleased sickness

We’re gonna get sick

Tasting the dirt

We will swallow all that is wrong

Digesting each other’s gamey release

We’re gonna get sick

And lick up the last drip

As we grind into the hurt and pain we’ve been given

Too much is never going to be enough

We’re gonna get sick

Tunneling deeper into our dark than before

We won’t see the imaginary lines

Or feel them when they cut into our flesh

We’re gonna get sick

I can’t stop you


You can’t stop me

via Daily Prompt: Release


You keep me aroused

Tight in love’s bondage

But, tonight I need more

If I wax it…will the wane be housed?

Flickering the strobe, I’m using wattage

Too much and it will make me sore

Babe…put your hands in my Loops

I’m packed and ready

I see the way you look at my body

Imagining yourself double fisting my savory scoops

“Hold it, Hold it, Hold it”….steady

You made me this way, made me naughty

via Daily Prompt: Loop

All rise

The judgement is passed,

My gavel seals it hard.

Crashing down so loud,

Your card lil brat is marked.

All here present hear her crime,

Bratish masturbation!

Her plea is guilty,

Mitigation, desperation?

For this misdemeanour,

A corporal punishment shall be dealt.

A crop to be administered,

20 angry red welts!

No appeal should be sought,

This sentence is passed.

And punishment will duly be enacted,

Across both cheeks of the defendants arse.

Learn from this my lil miss will,

That is until she breaks the bond again.

So you’ll not see me shed a tear,

For she will never ever refrain.

A habitual criminal,

Fingers that will never rest.

But who am I to pass sentence,

When I love the little one to caress.


Do what you’d do

Beauty, my love…

My heart is yours.

My cock is too.

Of this be sure.

As are my arms.

That’d hold you tight.

My fingers…

That’ll push deep inside.

My lips to kiss.

My tongue to lick.

My mouth as a whole.

To softly sip.

My arse too…

When I’m a naughty boy.

To be spanked.

Oh such joys!

Basically sweet beauty.

What I say to you.

Is I am yours.

To do what you’d do.


Sitting on my bottom

I slink my arms behind my knees

Grabbing onto my ankles


Like a weeble…I start to wobble

Rolling onto my back…

Legs folded and spread open

I am a happy baby…indeed

“I can seeee youuuu dadddddy!!!”

Our eyes meet, for a moment

Before yours lock onto

My pretty pink openings

As they rock back and forth,

Back and forth in front of you…

I’m giggling with glee and naughty joy

Staring at the weakening resolve…

In your pants

1 and a half seconds later….

Your hands are full of

The backs of my thighs

Pushing them further apart

Lifting my bottom off the ground

As your tongue starts licking me

From one pink hole 

To the other…

Savoring my honey

Before making a wet path

Up my front…

Straight into my mouth

So I can suck on it

And taste myself…

Falling on to me…cradling me

My legs wrap around you tighter than tight

And we get tangled up in a ball, just how we like

As we whisper to each other over and over…

“I love you so so so much daddy…”

“I love you too my babygirl…so so so much”