Living in the here,

Living in the now.

Asking myself why?

Asking myself how?

Asking the world,

What did we all do?

To deserve this uncertainty,

To receive this truth.

But she’d answered before asked,

If truth be known.

She answered through fire,

Through hurricanes blown.

Through drought and through flood.

Through overcrowding and spilt blood.

She answered before I asked,

Clearly and understood.

We’re dying in the here,

We’re dying in the now.

And we don’t need to ask why,

For we already know how.


Evolution Rolling Back

You make me rise,

Lift me up.

Your beautiful body,

Holy fuck!

My eyes convey,

Your form to mind.

My brain perceives,

Damn you’re fine!


Rolls right back.

Hardening the cock,

Preparing the sack.

To fire the seed,

The seed of life.

That you my girl,

Brought forth tonight.


The Woodsman

The Woodsman lives alone,

Lives amongst the trees.

The earth can give most of what he wants,

But cannot give all his needs.

The Woodsman needs a mate,

A woman by his side.

Someone to share his creations,

To be a half of his life.

There with the earth and his Goddess,

The Woodsman can finally be free.

Living, breathing, and loving,

His world and it’s natural beauty.


Mathematic Beauty

Platonic geometry
Atomic perfection
Drawn structures
Nature’s destruction
I see all in you
I see none too
I see numbers divine
I see all of them prime
Your microscopically perfect
As you’ve grown life’s shaped
And it’s that natural beauty
That my eye and heart now take
I see all before me
I see none too
I see numbers divine
I see you in your prime