Imagine the sun

Imagine the sun warming your skin, 

Out in the air,  breathing it in. 

Naked as birthed, but not alone, 

I’m there too,  stroking my bone. 

Imagine the sun on your back, 

As you nestle between thighs and push me back. 

A gentle breeze teasing your sex, 

As you tease mine with licks and pecks.

Imagine the sun in your eyes, 

My silhouette above as I slip inside. 

Feeling the turf beneath your form, 

Making love as ancestors in days of yore. 

Imagine the sun our very own star, 

Bringing us to life from oh so far. 

Feel mother nature nurturing our souls, 

As we make love with her as one, whole.

Daily Prompt: Forest (Let me take you to the forest)

Let me take you to the forest,

Let me tie you to a tree.

Let me fuck you with mother nature,

Watching me set myself free.

Let me release my feral being,

Let me ravage you as a beast.

Let me show you how wild I am,

I want it, this is no tease.

Let me take you to the forest,

Let me show you what’s out there.

Let me give you what’s inside me,

Come hike with me… if you dare.

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