Enslaved by lust,

Enslaved by you.

Below the light,

In the dark just us two.

My queen of the night,

The captor of my sin.

Taking me to a darker place,

Where time stands still.

To build with fire,

The essence, the cosmic seed.

Secrets of the flesh,

Through our communion set free.

Enslaved by lust,

Enslaved by you.

What else is there on earth,

That speaks more truth?

I Like The Rough Stuff

I like the rough stuff,

This you know.

In all I do,

I like to let go.

Music, sport,

Hard fucking sex.

Is it a gift?

Or a twisted hex?

Is it right?

That I like that bite.

That domination over others,

That battle, That fight.

Don’t get me wrong,

It’s always by consent.

I won’t hurt anyone,

Who wasn’t on the same bent.

But if you wanna bang heads,

I’m willing to hurt,

I’m willing to dive in,

Where some’d only flirt.

I like the rough stuff,

But this you know!

In all I do,

I love to let go.





Aching, battered and bruised.

But it’s what I do, what I choose.

When I was just 16 years old.

Into the pit I went, since then I was sold.

The Music, the violence, the danger, the life.

I can’t watch a band and stand still all night.

I need to feel the aggression in raw form.

Thrashing around kicking up a storm.

But I fear as age creeps up I’ll not keep the pace.

I’ll look a fool not aging with grace.

Then think fuck it! That’s my I’m here!

And I’ll suffer tomorrow, but not shed a tear.

For I know I’ve been true to my cause.

And I’ll keep thrashing til they close my tomb door.