The mix tape I sent you from my childhood til now.

Had so many songs, It’s hard to fathom how.

One man was sewn all the way through,

One guy had a hand in more than a few.

He helped create and influence my musical taste.

He helped my idols set such a blistering pace.

That started me up and set me off to find.

The music I love, all set free from his hallowed grounds.


R.I.P. Martin Birch



One Race, One World, One Humankind.

I’ve cried tears for a man that I never knew,

For people who are enraged by what they do.

For the humanity that seems to have left some of humankind.

For those that claim to protect our times.

I’ve cried tears that so many have been fooled.

For they truly do not know what they do.

Following a president and governors that’ll leave democracy in tatters.

The men and women that don’t believe that black life matters.

I’ll cry tears until one day justice is truly done.

Until freedom of opportunity is there for all bar none.

Until racists have had their power removed.

Until the freedoms in constitution are  not cynically abused.

I’ll cry tears for a man that I never met.

For his unrealised right to get all that I can get.

For the failed justice that he didn’t have to find.

I’ll cry until all acknowledge, we are one race, one world, one humankind.