Voices In Our Head

I’m pondering schizophrenia,

The voices in our heads.

Do we all hear many?

Or are some synchronised instead?

Is it just me thinking?

Or is there someone else within?

When we’re alone,

Is it them suggesting things?

In me my sweet Beauty,

You know you’ve a loving Daddy.

But you also know the other guy,

His name begins with a Zeeee.

You know one loves to snuggle,

The other’s a little more rough.

He loves a dirty fuck!

But Daddy, well, he makes love.

I wonder if you ponder?

Which me do you expect?

I wonder if it excites you?

Not knowing who you’ll get.




Daily Prompt: Invisible (Complicated Man)

Can you see me, see who I am?

Can you distinguish the boy from the man?

Can you read my moods, know when to play?

Can you decipher the codes sent your way?

Are these things evident, clearly on show?

Are they apparent, or is it hard to know?

Tell me Beauty, have you worked me out?

Or am I so deep and twisted as to make you doubt?

Can you really see me, see who I am?

Or am I an enigma, an invisible man?

via Daily Prompt: Invisible