Can You Feel Me?

Can you feel me?

The warm rigidity of my length sliding into your wet pool of arousal.

Can you feel me?

The stretch as your labia, sorely underused opens to accommodate.

Can you feel me?

The tight grip my hands have as they pin you down by your wrists.

Can you feel me?

The sharp shock that dulls to an ache as my teeth bite into your slender neck.

Can you feel me?

The loss, the total loss of control that I’ve wrestled from you as I dominate.

Can you feel me?

The eruption, the seismic surge that explodes out from your core as you cum under me.

Can you feel me?

All this, all that we’ve done, every second burned into your memory as it’s burned into mine.

Can you feel me?

Watching The Oscars

Snuggled up, not a care.

Fingers stroking, softly through hair.

Watching the Oscars, looking at stars.

But the brightest of all, was in my arms.

Snuggled up, in our world.

A happy Daddy, with his Babygirl.

Watching the Oscars, where bombshells dress to impress.

But the most beautiful bombshell, was led head on my chest.



I was thinking today,

About our times near the bay,

Our walks in the woods,

Jeez they felt good.

Remembering long drives,

Into beautiful countryside,

Pizza baked, overdone!

That to me was a new one.

I recalled each hotel,

Each place that we dwelled,

All filled with overwhelming lust,

Each a haven cosseting true love.

And now my thought train,

Move to meeting again,

To the future memories,

That we’ll hold for all eternity.

For I cannot wait,

To again create,

Dreams that come true,

True, real love, with you.