Cleave Unto Myself

I’m wasting away

Into small puffs of nothing

If that’s what you want

I’m numb, yet warm

Always looking for more

So I wait until you leave

Then undress and start to pray…

My secret-lover’s hymnal sticks to me like static-cling

And his deliverance stares at me like a taunt

My needs have become bees that swarm

Buzzing and biting deep in my core

Until suddenly…me, myself, and I…cleave

Whispered thoughts

If I whisper softly in your ear

Will your pussy start to wet

D’ya think the crowded room we’re in

Will notice your changing breath

As I whisper what I’ll do to you

And you squirm inside your skin

Do you think the crowd of people here

Would imagine our kind of sin

As your cheeks flush, your labia too

Slip a hand down, raise the ante

Push and draw the slightest of moans

Stroking through jeans and panties

Do you think you’d care if we got caught

What people would think, disapprove

Or like me, would you carry on

Say “fuck em their just prudes”

Tell me lil miss, tell me now

Cos I really wanna make you cum

I want the whole world to see

My girl and me having fun

Imagination running pamantly wild

Did it happen, is it really true

Or was all this running through your mind

As I whispered my thoughts to you



Folded To Fit

A tilted phone

To match my tilted pelvis

Folded to fit…

With practice, everyone is deceived

Your replacement is slick and oiled

It comes out clean, but goes in soiled

I want to purge, yet my needs still lie prone

And I am left with just…this…

Pained by a pendulum in my own dark pit

Its back and forth motion making me cum uncoiled

And temporarily I am Relieved

Until my reality returns, my fantasy foiled

via Daily Prompt: Relieved

Secret triumph

I watch with pride, as you slowly ride

The cock that’s stuck to your wall

Silently sliding back and forth

With no whimper or call

Don’t get caught my sweet lil miss

For the family will surely disapprove

Just slide back and forth on our lubed up cock

Get going into your groove.

I’ll sit and watch the show with pride

Whilst calmly eating my lunch

And know that you had such fun

As you cum in secret in triumph

via Daily Prompt: Triumph

Hit record

You place the camera, hit record.

You look straight at me with eyes that implore.

Watch me daddy, watch me please.

Please daddy watch me tease.

You lie back on your bed, you open your thighs.

Gasp as you touch yourself, eyes open wide.

With a sweet giggle comes a bashful request.

“Will you play too daddy? with two it’s the best!”

So as I watch you stroke your moist clit.

I stroke myself harder, and bite on my lip.

What I see is so hard to believe.

The most beautiful girl ever! playing for me.

You buck and writhe with fingers inside.

Asking me “pleeeaase daddy, please come and ride!”

“I’m there baby” I sigh in a moan.

I hear how wet you are as you bring yourself home.

Then with a shudder and thrust up in the air.

We both cum together as if we’re both there.

I sigh aglow, milk out the last drops of sperm.

As you lie in your glow stroking, I watch and yearn.


I’m a whore at night

Scissoring with piggie
Grinding for a star-flight
Taking and giving wet tongue baths…
Piggie and I like to play pretend
Both of us fingering the rainbows end
We see shining between my thighs
A pot so full of warm golden honey
It’s our sticky sweet surprise!
Pleasure is there if we dare
And bliss is our only care
You dip in first piggie!
Daddy doesn’t know we do this
I wonder if he would be disappointed in his ‘lil miss?