My PreDICKament



Watching your shooting star

Through my lens, from afar

It’s taunt, it’s possibility…

It’s magnificent moment

Pulling forth those white ribbons

Used to tie up my insides

My lust, desire, and need

Three strands you’ve braided so tight


You’ve been such a naughty boy

A quick lick….

And then another

Tasting, swallowing, savoring

That which is mine

Playing for your pleasure

Releasing all that testicle-treasure

And my…oh my! I did notice the distance…😱🏆

The result of your actions?

My heart has an erection

And only your body can get it off

Yes, my love….

You did make my preDICKament worse

Sober Tears

Everyone is drunk tonight

Except for me…

How many are in love?

Or just the idea of it…

My mind wanders

But…it doesn’t stagger

It’s walking in Circles

I am different

I know I am

Couldn’t you tell?

I cried…

And you giggled

What a sobering thought

On this dry (in more ways than one) evening

via Daily Prompt: Circle

Daily Prompt: Critical (A fuck ton of cum)

A fuck ton of cum

Building to a critical mass 

Until it explodes 

All over your sexy lil arse

A fuck ton of cum

Building pressure inside

Until it spurts

Into your mouth open wide

A fuck ton of cum

Building up desire

Before flooding out

To douse your wild fire

A fuck ton of cum

Needing release

So get down my beauty

Get down on your knees

via Daily Prompt: Critical

Send Me My Angel!

Send me my angel!

So I can find out what I really want

Locked and loaded

My hips are spread all the way open

My desire…is liquid fire

So…do you have any last words?


I’m taking flight….breaking out

An X marks every day

Since you went away

And I’ve been rubbing, rubbing, rubbing…going blind

Because nothing is as it really seems

Hmm…at least you are still in my dreams

Ugh! A forced rehab, for my infection

Will I still be able to see your reflection?

Slaying The Monsters Under My Bed

Blinking awareness, can it be?

The beams cracking

Breaking free…

My hand slides to touch

And on a deep inhale

My pointing finger nests in between

You’ve got to listen to what I’m saying!

My love…don’t underestimate me

I never wait till midnight to do my snacking

The love inside of me IS your key

A loud motivator..but, it’s never too much

And on a deep exhale

My body transforms into a scene

Where the monsters under my bed are what I’m slaying