Did You Really Squirt?

Did you really think of me,

As you came gushing over your rug.

Did you picture your daddy’s cock,

Imagine it inside you, did we fuck?

Did I arouse you that much,

That you lost control, did you really squirt?

Did you ejaculate,

Like me when I’m wanking, did you spurt?

I hope you did,

I want you to lose all control.

I need to hear that you did,

To warm my perverted filthy soul.

I Watched

I watched you lube that little cock,

I saw you force it into your arse.

I watched you fuck it as you vibed your clit.

Sweet Lord! You came so fucking hard.

I watched you lie on your closet floor,

Begging Daddy can I cum some more!

As if it stop you having such fun,

Vibing and fucking your sexy lil bum.

So again I watched that lubed little cock,

Slip in and out of your tight little arse.

I watched you fuck it as you vibed your clit.

And as requested you came again, so hard.


You were just being silly,

So silly I’m hard.

Watching you dance,

Watching you lips part.

I was just being needy,

As I got into the shower.

After watching you,

Stroke your pink flower.

We were just having fun,

As our thoughts made us cum.

Looking and wanting,

A want that’s never done.