Such A Pretty Lil Pussy

Such a pretty lil pussy,

It’s just the way it is.

Sometimes I like to stroke her,

Others I like to kiss.

Such a pretty lil pussy,

So very moist and warm.

Sometimes I like to finger her,

To play and explore.

Such a pretty lil pussy,

I love her, yes it’s true.

And when I treat her right,

You love her too!




Torture Slant

I have a new torture slant,

To make you cum until you can’t.

Multiple quaking releases,

Pleasure that never ceases.

You’ll moan about the pain,

As you cry out orgasms again and again.

I want to test your will,

I want to extract all the thrill.

I want it for me, mine.

No matter how much time.

I have a new torture slant,

To make you cum until you can’t.

I want everything you have inside,

I will not be denied, don’t you dare hide.


Hello world!

How’s your Thursday?

Mine’s not bad,

It’s been okay.

It could be better,

I’ll tell you how.

I could be snuggled,

Cuddling beauty now.

We could be kissing,

Caressing at play.

Our hands could be wandering,

Finding that special place.

Our breathes could quicken,

As we rub and stroke.

Soooo excited,

As we go for broke.

Jerking, shaking,

Losing our minds.

Cumming together,

Perfectly timed.

Then snuggling down,

In the warmest glow.

As Thursday passes,

Our stresses gone, let go.

Fingers Fucking You

Your warm wet warmth feels so nice,

As my fingers probe to your delight.

Slowly teasing your arousal higher,

Adding fuel to your engines fire.

Pushing deep, stroking walls,

Lifting up to your g spot’s call.

Now your ready, your need is true,

Faster, harder, fingers fucking you.

Thrusting in like a Jack hammer,

You try to talk but words just stammer.

Until it happens, I feel the gush,

Your orgasm sparks that most delightful rush.

My wrist you grasp pulling fingers free,

You suck them hard, licking greedily.

A devilish smile appears upon your mouth,

And without a word you push my head south.