Come Into My Care

Where did you go?

Don’t hide from me.

Show yourself!

Let me set you free.

Offer yourself.

Come into my care.

I’m not really a beast,

This isn’t my lair.

Words I say,

From under my veil.

Reassurances required,

As one assails.

As trust is gained,

Fear diminishes.

Can you guess,

How this sinister game finishes?


Daily Prompt: Meddle (My Conundrum)

I will meddle with your heart.

I will pull you open, pull you apart.

I will devour your love, take it all.

I will steal it from you, force the fall.

I will tamper with the locks you keep in place.

I will break all manner of device to eventually grace.

Your mind, body, heart, and soul.

I will manipulate to take you whole.

You are going to be mine, captured for sin and more.

You my conundrum, mine to explore.

I will imprison you by breaking you wide.

I will settle and perpetually reside.

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