Resist You? Ha!

I crave very little

Am tempted by far less😈

But, I must confess

Surrendering my inhibitions

Letting my body go

While in your care

Is one of life’s sweetest gifts🍬

Our mutual attraction

Our shared reaction

The total satisfaction…

You are my hot fudge sundae🍦

My warm oatmeal cookie🍪

My slice of cherry pie🥧

My love, you are the most delectable treat!🍭

And I am helpless to resist

Ever since we first kissed💋

It’s true, I cannot resist you❤️

Reality Is Our Fantasy

Written and experienced by Beauty and her Beast💗

It’s the moment

When our fantasy becomes reality

I am consumed in you

In what we do

Lost to our lust

Found in our love

I live for this sweetest escape

To visit this place

If even for a few moments

Is worth everything

Whatever it takes

Something happens

A collision 

I can’t quite describe it

But in those moments

I have but one purpose 

I am but one thing


Your sexual plaything

Your BFF

Your lover

My body is totally under your control

I am yours to do with as you wish

Because they are my wishes too

My body quite literally becomes more alive

And more determined to please you than ever 

In those moments 

Literally nothing else matters

But you and me

The love we make

The pleasure we take

It is at the same time

An out of body experience 

And the most internal of all experiences

I notice how you feel,
How we feel.
I notice that we are one,
How we both come undone.
I feel the passion, the love,
Your need to rise above.
I hope you feel me,
As I take you there.
I know you feel me,
Of that I’m acutely aware.
For the signs are clear,
The lack of fear.
Enables me to give,
Enables you to live.
In each other’s arms,
In each other’s charms.
Our forever is made.

Til All Are Gone

I wish my hands were gripped with yours.

As I push into your core with just enough force.

Atop of you, between your thighs.

Looking down into bright blue eyes.

I wish our hips were rolling, synchronised as one.

Our mouths locked kissing, intertwining tongues.

Breaths breathing heavier with each loving thrust.

Building slow heavy pressure, testing the dam we’ll bust.

That is until the moment it finally bursts.

Neither really knowing which one came first.

Lost in passion our bodies throng.

Making love til all but us are gone.


Warm, soft, silky skin.

Fingers glide, taking in.

Lips full, breaths short.

Tongues intertwined, love caught.

Open, needy, eager, free.

Gliding inside, acceptance, glee.

Muffled, muted, transcendent spell.

Cocooned, absorbing, never quelled.

Building, rising, elevation, flight.

Clarity in the moment, such clear, clear, sight.

Chaos, confusion, rampant lust spawned.

Falling, crashing, into truest love borne.