Warm, soft, silky skin.

Fingers glide, taking in.

Lips full, breaths short.

Tongues intertwined, love caught.

Open, needy, eager, free.

Gliding inside, acceptance, glee.

Muffled, muted, transcendent spell.

Cocooned, absorbing, never quelled.

Building, rising, elevation, flight.

Clarity in the moment, such clear, clear, sight.

Chaos, confusion, rampant lust spawned.

Falling, crashing, into truest love borne.




Into The Night

As I kiss you,

I feel your warmth.

Lip upon lip,

Tongues sought.

My hands pull you closer,

As close as can be.

My heart beating out,

My mind finally free.

As I hold you,

I pledge to never let go.

Promise me you are mine,

Show so I know.

Make love to me,

Like never before.

Make me feel like you,

Passionately adored.

Glow with me,

Content in our light.

And fall deeper with me,

Arm in arm into the night.

Within Your Gushy Heart

Cosmetic flaws that get in the way

A woman’s worth, strangled desire

I have a sexual life, and I want to live

So much love, so much to give

Is it my mind? My spire?

And all those things that you say?

I want to blend with you

All immodesty and immersive

I know how you feel

Your pink skin, so soft

I know how you feel

Within your gushy heart

I know how you feel

When your body looks at mine

Oh…the games we play

Igniting us both like fire

Passionate, collaborative

I revel in you my beautiful man❤️

You are simply magnificent ❤️

Obey You

I will obey
Every urge I feel
Towards you, I do bend
Off the horizon
Deeper behind
That’s where my need resides
It’s you that flows now
Not blood, sweat, or tears
It’s you circulating within
It’s you that seeps, creeps
You’re all I see, feel, and believe
Deeper behind
Off the horizon
Beyond the frame of our flesh
Behind the mirror of our love
I’ve become your beauty
And you have become my beast
Deeper than deep
To the edge, again
To the edge, always
Pleasure our horizon