I led,

Warm in bed,

Watching the girl of my dreams.

She lay,

With toys at play,

Knowing I’m watching my dream.

Her orgasms,

Her jerks, her spasms,

Drove me beyond mere voyeur.


Cock stroking, sating,

I came along with, and to her.

Both together,

Fingers gave pleasure,

Cumming so hard we were dazed.

Laughing, Loving,

Warm after glowing,

Surviving ’til I get off that next plane.


Daily Prompt: Almost (It’s almost time)

It’s almost time to kiss again.

To hold you tight, to ease our pain.

It’s almost time to feel the love.

To enjoy the pleasures, soft and rough.

It’s almost time to live the dream.

To give and take, all to extremes.

It’s almost time to feel the truth.

To feel what’s real to me and you.

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