No Ordinary Couple

We’re no ordinary couple, me and you.

Nothing is boring in what we do.

We see sights and do wonderful things.

Nothing, is as it would seem.

To the onlooker we walk holding hands.

But they’ve no idea how deep that runs.

That we saved each other from certain death.

We literally give each other our next living breath.

We’re no ordinary couple, me and you.

I’ll defy anyone alive or dead to try and disprove.


In parting again

We’re torn apart

But the fleeting time

Recharged our hearts

The love we shared

The love inside

Lasts time’s test

Time’s truly denied

For we fall in love

Every time we meet

Our hearts grows larger

With every beat

And forward now

I look to you

Til we meet again

To do what we do

Lasting the time

That we’re held apart

Our love batteries

Now fully charged






Beautiful Moments, Beautiful Memories

All that remains, are those beautiful moments

When together, we created our own place

My mind takes me there now

Remembering the way we kissed

Remembering the way you touched me

Remembering the way you fit your body inside of mine

I smiled for you as if every smile before was a lie

You were a pure joy, an answer to my prayers

And my heart sung, just like she sings for you now

Can you hear me my love, hear my heart?

It was darkness by choice

So we could give our souls their voice

And I have thought…

Was it them making love, and we were helpless?

Mating souls, and mating lovers

You touched me so intently, so passionately

In that place, our place…I had meaning

I miss you more than you will ever know

All that remains now, are those beautiful memories

I love you Beast