When it’s all

Said and done

Carved in stone

Carved in flesh

Wounds that never heal

Pains-taking angels

Encircle our bond

Feathers falling from their wings

Like fresh snow

To those in the know…

A trail to follow their lead

An obituary

Of a life lived

Of a lust for life

Of love, pure love

So precious, indeed

Fingers flicking across a harp

The melody of the heavens

Soft, yet sharp

Like the pointed edges of my heart

Your WhoreMoans

Is it true

What you said?

About eighteen

About today?

That you’d rather screw

Lining up the thread

Making a little scream

A little pervy play

Remove your veil

Let me see your blush

Multiplying hormones

I think I can try

Skin full of braille

Reading my crush

Your whore moans

I think I can try

Defying biology

And gravity

It seems impossible

And yet…

I’ve read our astrology

Received your depravity

The scenes were possible

And yes….I’ll be your pet

Love at Last Light

Lovers at last light
Our fingers grasping
As our bodies tried to hold fast
We couldn’t let it end
It mustn’t ever end
Friction pounded out our allegory
Each thrust was like praying for a never ending story
We knew in our hearts, chiming in time
That every moment left 
Was a potential victim of theft
Today is what counts
What we’d rather it didn’t
And despite our best efforts
Soon the night fell…
The three of us now whimpering
Realizing there was nothing we could do


Pause for a moment, pause today.
Pause and think of your lover in some way.
Remember the good, how they make you glad.
Forget the sad, forget the bad.
For we never know, when it could change.
How we can be held apart, with no one to blame.
So pause for a moment, pause somehow.
Pause and think of your lover, now!