An Angel Reincarnate

When angels die, do they fall to earth?
Do they come here for their rebirth?
Do I see before me now,
An angel reincarnate, fallen from a cloud.
When angels die, do they retain the look?
Do they hold the beauty from paradise they took?
Is the vision before me heaven on earth?
An angel reincarnate, for which I’d searched.
When angels die, is the cycle complete?
Do they get more beautiful as this cycle repeats?
Could what I see now ever improve?
An angel reincarnate, an angel like you.

Set Tight

Let me slip under the covers,

Let me snuggle up to you.

Let’s get tighter than tight,

Like a set of silver spoons.

Let’s stay there forever,

Let us mould into one.

Let my cock sit in the groove,

Of your peachy lil bum.

Let’s forget about tomorrow,

Let’s live for the moment tonight.

Let’s take away the loneliness,

Just you and I set tight.

I Miss

I miss you,

My sweet lil whore.

Between my thighs,

Knelt on the floor.

I miss your mouth,

Pleasuring me.

Sucking and licking,

Dragging cum from me.

I miss our times,

Daddy and Babygirl.

As we’re held apart,

By a ravaged world.

I miss our love,

With such passion felt.

Biding our time,

With this hand that we’re dealt.