The mix tape I sent you from my childhood til now.

Had so many songs, It’s hard to fathom how.

One man was sewn all the way through,

One guy had a hand in more than a few.

He helped create and influence my musical taste.

He helped my idols set such a blistering pace.

That started me up and set me off to find.

The music I love, all set free from his hallowed grounds.


R.I.P. Martin Birch




I can’t remember innocence,

I once had it of that I’m sure.

That’s before I found pornography,

And a whole lot more behind that door.

I wonder if you can remember?

When you were whiter than white can be.

I wonder if you’ve forgotten it,

Or are your memories horny just like me?

In some ways I guess it’s sad,

That sex plays such a role in our lives.

In some ways I’m so glad,

Cos I love fucking I cannot deny.

So I’m not mourning my innocence’s loss,

Cos truly I’d rather the way we are.

I’m going to celebrate our sex,

And how it helps my wanting heart.