Carved In Stone With My Daddy

Twelve more?

Maybe eleven…

(I’m counting on my fingers, but I only have 10 fingers!)

Until I get to see you Daddy!

Until we can play and have fun

I am so excited that instead of butterflies

It feels like I have shooting stars in my tummy!!!💫💫

And they are flying around touching everything on my insides

Even my special places Daddy

It’s like I’m blasting off!!!

I can’t wait to snuggle up Daddy…

Snuggle and cuddle

Cuddle and snuggle

Snuggling with you is the bestest feeling in the entire world

I love you so much Daddy! So so so so so so so so much!

I can’t wait to show you how much…

I have so many things to show you when you come!

You are:

The #1 bestest Daddy in the whole wide world

And in outer space too

And that includes all of the other planets…

Especially uranus

Hehehehehehehe 😂

Did you get it Daddy? The name of the planet?

Oops…I almost forgot about the…black….hole….



I want us and our love to be carved in stone

So when you come…can we get some stone and carve our love together?

via Daily Prompt: Carve