Daily Prompt: Brave (You’ve been brave)

You’ve been brave my love,

Through hell you’ve walked.

I held your hand,

Kept at bay the doubt that stalked.

You’ve been brave my love,

Endured pains so deep.

I held you tight,

As tears you did weep.

You’ve been brave my love,

As you walked from dark to light.

To where we made love,

To where we exchanged vows in the night.


I love you Beauty… we made it to light together 😍😙❤

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My time

Sometimes I offer advice,

I’m just too scared to take.

I find the words for others,

But can’t self placate.

It isn’t that I don’t believe,

It isn’t that it’s not right for me.

I think it’s just about the right time,

And right now it’s not mine.

Daily Prompt: Genius (Meaning of life?)

The genius stands, chalk in hand.

Scribbling equations, going mad.

Surely it’s there, before him in trigonometry.

The meaning of life, of you and me.

Surely it’s there, he just needs to see.

But it isn’t, that’s the epiphany!

Some things just happen, no reason nor rhyme.

Some things just happen, all of the time.

You can’t fathom numbers of love.

You can’t break down past one and one, us.

You’ll never predict, six sigma can’t tell.

Why some find heaven, and others find hell.

That’s the genius,  so open your eyes.

Realise your dreams and enjoy the ride.

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Our love’s net

We live our love upon the cloud.

Held apart through this world’s crowd.

But somehow you heard me crying out loud.

Somehow I lifted off your shroud.

We live our love in the net.

Held apart, but wait, and yet.

Somehow you feel me, I make you wet.

Somehow you feel the feelings I get.

We live our love virtually, yes we do.

Held apart for now it’s true.

But somehow my beauty, sometime soon.

Somehow my love, I’ll make my way to you.