Daily Prompt: Zoo (The zoo outside)

Sometimes this world we live in,

Is like one giant zoo.

It has its dangerous animals,

And beautiful ones just like you.

It seems cruel to cage these beasts,

But maybe its for the best. 

Cos a predator on the loose,

Can’t be in our best interest.

So join me my Beauty,

Climb into my cage.

And we’ll make love in serenity,

Leave the zoo outside with its rage.

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Daily Prompt: Gremlins

There are always fucking Gremlins!

Spanners in the works.

Like being married and abroad.

Facts that always hurt!

There are always fucking Gremlins!

They’ll never ever cease.

To try to stop our push for happiness.

To bar and ultimately police.

There are always fucking Gremlins!

But I know we’ll flush em out.

We’ll burn the little fuckers dead.

And live the life we want I’ve no doubt.

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Daily Prompt: Sludge

This sludge that I trudge through, this life that I live.

Only relieved, by the help that you give.

You cleanse torments muck, wash my soul.

You accept me and my baggage, the package as a whole.

For this I thankyou, my gratitude will never cease.

For times you’ve stopped me sinking, in you I’ve belief.

This sludge that I trudge through, whilst hard I’ll admit.

Has an end in sight, in view, an end and you’re it.


Thankyou Beauty… nuff said! ❤☠☠❤

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I find it surreal

I find it surreal,

Even obscure.

That through open windows,

There’s always a locked door.

When the path seems clear,

A blocker appears.

Be it near or far,

It stirs up our fears.

I find it surreal,

We’re brave in a many ways.

But cowardice pokes,

Taunts in our play.

Confidence dents,

But we know so strong.

That all we do,

We know belongs.

I find it surreal,

Confusing sometimes.

But clarity comes,

When I look in your eyes.

I feel your beauty,

Deep down inside.

I also see it,

You simply can’t disguise.

Daily Prompt: Brave (You’ve been brave)

You’ve been brave my love,

Through hell you’ve walked.

I held your hand,

Kept at bay the doubt that stalked.

You’ve been brave my love,

Endured pains so deep.

I held you tight,

As tears you did weep.

You’ve been brave my love,

As you walked from dark to light.

To where we made love,

To where we exchanged vows in the night.


I love you Beauty… we made it to light together 😍😙❤

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My time

Sometimes I offer advice,

I’m just too scared to take.

I find the words for others,

But can’t self placate.

It isn’t that I don’t believe,

It isn’t that it’s not right for me.

I think it’s just about the right time,

And right now it’s not mine.