Daily Prompt: Noise

Life is full of noise,

The trick is drowning some out.

Amplifying the important,

Whilst muting what we can do without.

Life is full of noise,

Some are smooth and soothe our very souls.

Some are harsh that grate upon our nerves,

The trick, use the tone control.

Life is full of noise,

I’m learning to hear and adjust.

For I need my hearing to be crystal clear.

I need to listen for us.


I love you my Beauty, I’m yours and will always endeavour to listen.


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Washing and wishing

Washing to make new…
Or am I really wishing?
Oh fuck….if only you had a clue!!
It’s how I stay alive
How I thrive!
Me and you
You and me
Like the circles around my neck
Thoughts, feelings, dreams, wishes
They are all spoken
Even if no one can hear them
I’ll be damned to let us get broken
You are my rainbow!🌈
Blazing color!
Blazing desire!
Blazing hope!
How can I tell you?
What you mean to me?
How lost I’d be without you…
You are my everything
My past, present, and future
I love you Beast❤️💋

via Daily Prompt: Present

I’m 47…

I’m 47

I’m in heaven✨
I found it here on earth
With you…
A pearl
For my necklace…
I’m in a tight-twirl 
Your needy babygirl
It’s you…I swirl
The time we have…
Lasting an eternity
Holding hands
Bundled up in love
Happy….truly happy…
My hips move like my lips
My lips move like my hips…
Swallowing you whole
Shaking free your soul
Making you feel it too…
Our heaven on earth 🌏
I love you Beast ❤️

I want to let our love fly

I long to Simplify

And shed my skin

I want what’s real…

What’s inside

Not what’s outside

Life has scratched my surface

But you are the only one

That’s penetrated

Someday the world will see me as I really am

The me that you see

When I free myself, when I Simplify

When I let our love fly

via Daily Prompt: Simplify