Love at Last Light

Lovers at last light
Our fingers grasping
As our bodies tried to hold fast
We couldn’t let it end
It mustn’t ever end
Friction pounded out our allegory
Each thrust was like praying for a never ending story
We knew in our hearts, chiming in time
That every moment left 
Was a potential victim of theft
Today is what counts
What we’d rather it didn’t
And despite our best efforts
Soon the night fell…
The three of us now whimpering
Realizing there was nothing we could do

You Can’t Hurt Me

You can’t hurt me.

I’ll not feel you’re pain.

I’m used to the knocks.

My soul’s been drained.

Look me in the eyes.

Up close, no thousand yard stare.

Feel my breath.

Sense the “I don’t fucking care!”

You can’t hurt me.

My wounds are my shield.

Slashed, cut deep.

But now I’m healed.

Look into my eyes.

See the strength.

Feel my power.

Know I won’t relent.