I’ll mix my saliva, kissed in with yours,
I’ll lick it across your face, then more.
My tongue tracing, across hard nippled breasts.
To trickle down to where it mixes the best.
I’ll spit it on clit, to gently please,
Wet my fingers with it, to slowly tease.
Saliva helping give a good time,
Moistening all that needs to glide.
As you cum, you feel the need,
To give me yours, to blend with seed.
So mouth opened wide, you offer wet hole,
To coat my cock, to take it whole.
Licking, lapping, sucking taut head,
You wet the phallus for the best yet.
A groan, tension, stuttered spurt in your mouth.
My greedy lil bitch, sucks every drop out.
Then rises to me, to end as begun,
A saliva drenched kiss, on cum tainted tongues.

Little Tits

Sweet succulent little tits,
Hard erect nipples on their tips.
So sensitive to teeth and nips,
Oh how I long to suck and lick.
Gorgeous pert little breasts,
A handful of softly squeezable flesh.
So beautifully adorned upon your chest.
Oh how I love the view, could you guess?
Sweet succulent little tits,
Hard nipples engorging my aching dick.
A site to see, to touch, to lick.
To wank upon to take cum slick.


I love to suckle,

To suck and lick.

I love to nibble,

To bite and pinch.

I love your breasts,

Your itty bitty lil tits.

I love their always erect,

Your suckable lil nips.

I want them in my mouth,

I want them clamped.

I want to play,

To get you aroused.

I want to spank,

Perhaps flick.

But I’d say suckling,

Is my favourite thing.