Daily Prompt: Noise

Life is full of noise,

The trick is drowning some out.

Amplifying the important,

Whilst muting what we can do without.

Life is full of noise,

Some are smooth and soothe our very souls.

Some are harsh that grate upon our nerves,

The trick, use the tone control.

Life is full of noise,

I’m learning to hear and adjust.

For I need my hearing to be crystal clear.

I need to listen for us.


I love you my Beauty, I’m yours and will always endeavour to listen.


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Lessons to my heart

Delivering your lessons to my heart

Weaving your words into my days

Consider me Enrolled!

In you, in all you do…

I’ve committed to memory

All that we’ve done

Preparing myself for our final exam

Soaking me up, my words and more

Learning the fact that I adore

You my pupil in love’s lore

My guidance in deeds

Can set your mind free

So please stay to see

Re-Enroll with me

(Written by Beauty and her hot-as-f**k Beast)

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